If you're a funeral supplier in need of a solid website or marketing plan, we want to help! FrontRunner Professional has just announced a divison of our company just for you. Let us know you'll be on the tradeshow floor and we'll look into how you're doing online and stop by to let you know where we can help!  

Will We See You at NFDA?

Powered by a name you already trust.

At FrontRunner, we've worked with thousands of funeral homes for more than 20 years to ensure they have the best websites and funeral home technology possible. We get asked by our supplier friends to help them with their website, technology and marketing, but we've stayed focused solely on our funeral home clients - until now.

Meet SiteMagic, powered by FrontRunner Professional; a dedicated funeral supplier and small businesses team!

We'll study your industry, your opportunities and lay out the best marketing plan for ultimate growth today and build a foundation for the future.

 Build A Marketing Strategy

What Can SiteMagic Do For Your Business?

Build a Website

We've expanded our services team to include a Google certified SEO team and a social media team. They're one focus is to generate buzz the 21st century kind-of-way.

Build Serious Buzz

We'll build your business a website that reflects your unique brand with one important goal in mind: 

to drive people to your way and capture consumer attention.